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The Gentle Hand Behind Exchange: The Solutions With The Free Market

Libcom writer IvySyn discusses the problems she finds with freed market/free market thought and attempts to make a case against them for the exact reasons Kevin Carson states in her review of his book Iron Fist Behind the Invisible Hand. IvySyn starts out with a good summary of the freed market position The book makesContinue reading “The Gentle Hand Behind Exchange: The Solutions With The Free Market”

NRx – Formula of Madness: Neo-Cameralism

For any readers who aren’t aware, the NRx, an abbreviation for the Neo Reactionary movement or The Dark Enlightenment, is a movement/project that is anti-egalitarian, anti-cosmopolitan, anti-democracy[1], etc. The Neo-Reactionaries get considerable influence from Hans Herman Hoppe and the Alt Right. The movement also proposes revamped pre modernist analyses and modes of organization. This postContinue reading “NRx – Formula of Madness: Neo-Cameralism”

David McMullen Vs The Economic Calculation Problem

Socialist economist David McMullen has attempted to prove that a system based on social ownership(a euphemism for state control), can also have a decentralized price system to efficiently allocate commodities. “of such transfers occurring between socially owned enterprises where there is no exchange of ownership but simply a transfer of socially owned property from oneContinue reading “David McMullen Vs The Economic Calculation Problem”

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